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Freemasonry offers its members leadership opportunities at the lodge, district, and Grand Lodge levels. Today there are more than 4,000 leadership positions throughout the state and ongoing education and training are integral parts of leadership development. The Grand Lodge of California maintains several ongoing training programs for members.

Secretary & Treasurer Retreats

Secretary and Treasurer Retreats, held annually, strengthen our collective knowledge of the administrative operations of the lodge, enhancing our communication with each other.

2016 Locations and Dates

2016 Secretary and Treasurer Retreats are scheduled in both Northern and Southern California.

Secretaries & Treasurers
Northern: January 22-24 (San Ramon)
Southern: February 26-28 (Irvine)

Register here for 2016 retreats. Questions? Contact Member Services at (415) 292-9180.


Master & Wardens Retreats

Annual Master and Wardens Retreats offer a team-based workshop approach to planning for each lodge's future. They are open to all lodge masters, wardens, and junior wardens; lodge leaders are encouraged to attend as a team.

2016 Locations and Dates

2016 Master and Wardens Retreats take place in four locations.

Masters & Wardens
Northwest: March 11-13 (Monterey)
Southwest: April 8-10 (Irvine)
Northeast: April 15-17 (Lake Tahoe)
Southeast: May 20-22 (Palm Springs)

Register here for 2016 retreats. Questions? Contact Member Services at (415) 292-9180.


Lodge Management Certification Program

Lodge Management Certification Program (LMCP) courses are designed to present lodge leaders with cutting-edge tools, training, and guidance to address the unique management and administrative responsibilities of today's lodges.

Webinar Courses
During the summer months, LMCP courses are available in webinar format. This online structure makes live LMCP programming accessible to Masons anywhere in California - and throughout the world.

Check back for course dates and registration in Spring 2016.

Questions? Contact Member Services at (415) 292-9180.

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